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About Us

Bushra Anwar, Director BMY Health

Bushra Anwar is an International Medical Graduate and a Public Health specialist trained from Pakistan, where she gained the experience of innovating systems at community, and organizational level. She was recognized as a mentor for innovators.

Through her mentorship, many healthcare professionals learned the skills of research, critical thinking, healthcare planning, coordination and change management. In Canada she aims to support healthcare professionals for innovation, research, entrepreneurship and bringing change in community for adopting positive health behaviors with more focus on immigrants health and other vulnerable communities. Her affiliation with her startup in Pakistan and collaborations at national level is a strength for her startup in Canada to support Canadian researchers with resources and scope internationally, specially in context of developing country research with high disease burden.

In Canada she’s affiliated with McMaster University with Applied Clinical Research program and is also a member of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals – Canada chapter, 2023

Consultants on Panel

Mehnaz Munir,Public Health Consultant

Global Health doctoral student, Mehnaz Munir, is a medical doctor with a Masters in Public Health from the University of Punjab in Pakistan. As a doctoral student, Mehnaz is learning how to approach the intricacy of health problems through a multi-jurisdictional and multi-sectoral lens that promotes collaboration and co-creation of knowledge at the population prevention and individual treatment levels. Being particularly interested in the numerous public health issues of developing countries, Mehnaz has studied them throughout her education in-depth along with their comparison with other nations of the world.

Khushbakht Anwar,Public Health Consultant

Khushbakht Anwar is a medical doctor with a masters in Public health from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is certified in Project Management from University of British Columbia, and has experience in health system, humanitarian and community setting, with demonstrated skills in designing, implementation and evaluation of health promotion and quality improvement initiatives, service delivery, research and project management methodologies. She’s a member of Canadian Public Health Association, and is currently working as project officer at Canadian Red Cross.

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