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Registration for BMY Health Research Mentoring Program; 2024

This research mentoring program is a joint initiative of BMY Health Canada and BMY Health Pakistan. 

BMY Health Canada will provide training sessions and certificate of attending workshop will be provided by BMY Health Canada. BMY Health will also support logistics of the program including registrations, selection of participants, digital support, and sharing resources and guiding standards to be followed in research.

BMY Health Pakistan will provide internship where a team of around 5 interns will work as a group on a research project and make a publication for medical journals with interns and mentors names as authors. Internship certificate will be issued by BMY Health Pakistan upon successful completion of internship (manuscript submission, post-test, at least 80% attendance in weekly meetings). 


Program Details

 The mentoring program is to facilitate hands-on training in research through supervision of interns’ research projects. At the end of 3 months interns are expected to come up with their publication as a group. The scope of research includes Primary Research (original research including Cross-sectional/ cohort/ case control design in clinical research, mixed method design in public health research, or Secondary Research (but not systematic reviews or meta-analysis).


Read Program Book 

Timings and Venue: 


Sessions and meetings will be online (on zoom) at 9:00 am Vancouver time/ 9:00 pm Pakistan time.


  • Tentative dates for the program: 23rd July – 22nd October
  • Deadline for registration: 15th July, 2024.
  • Group discount of 10- 20%.  

Our Team

Eligibility for Mentoring Program: 

  • Health Care Professional or student from any healthcare field in Canada, Pakistan, or internationally.
  • Interested in research learning and making research publications.
  • Available for 3 months training, 4-5 hours per week on average.
  • Having cultural competence to work with diverse teams
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Access to STATA, Referencing Software (Endnote, Mendeley)
  • Willing to follow Collaboration rules and values of BMY Health Pakistan during internship as shared in this Collaboration Agreement 
  • Willing to comply with Data Privacy Policy of BMY Health Canada to respect privacy of all personally identifiable data shared for anyone during the 3 months program, details are shared below.
  • Ready to contribute to share publication fee with other authors. Affordability of all authors is to be discussed by the research team in the start of project. Amount of fee payable depends upon the target journal, as decided by the team with consensus.

Terms and Conditions:


Data Privacy


Please Read Carefully following Information about Privacy:

BMY Health is committed to providing public health and research services to professionals and organizations in Canada and globally, with the goal of innovating healthcare systems. Building our role as trusted professionals, we commit to protecting the privacy and security of any personal information of our service users,  service providers, employees, or collaborators, that we collect for providing services and running operations. For the purpose of registration, we are taking information of participants in this form that will be used within our organization to:

  • Process registrations 
  • Contact registrants 
  • Facilitate trainings 
  • Predict registrants’ learning and career needs that can be fulfilled through this training. 
  • Assess registrants’ suitability for this training.
  • Use the data to know our potential service users for marketing.
  • All the information maybe retained for a period as required legally for audits of service use.
  • All retained data may be stored in locations outside your jurisdiction.  For more information on how we protect your privacy, visit our Policies and Procedures
  • You may request to have your information removed from our records at any point. To do so, please email at

Consent for Recording


  • Any training sessions that are conducted (other than project meetings) will be recorded and shared with the mentees. Recordings will remain available for them during the internship program. If any participant doesn’t wish his/ her information on thumbnail to be visible in the zoom recording, they can remove information from the thumbnail and keep their video camera off. 
  • No mentees should share any recordings outside the organization and help us comply with data privacy policies as shared in the link given above.

Code of Ethics


  • Mentees will follow the instructions of mentors for their best learning and abide by the rules and ethics conveyed by BMY Health team. 
  • Mentees will support an environment free from disrespect, harassment, and will treat others in a way that does not harm them emotionally or mentally through bullying, intimidating, or threatening.
  • Code of conduct for internees at BMY Health Pakistan:  Code of Conduct 


This program is not an academic course/ accredited with CME hours, but a capacity building program for providing mentorship opportunities to healthcare professionals.

Once you are sure this program fits your needs, please fill this form. Provide as much information about your research interests and expectations as possible for us to know how well you fit with this program and in making teams for projects upon selection. After selection you will be asked to submit training fee to confirm the registration. 
Unemployed members or undergraduate students can avail flexibility of payment in installments. There’s a limited quota for this offer.

Training Fee:

  • For Canada: 450 CAD for employed healthcare professionals, 300 CAD for students/ unemployed IMGs
  • For Pakistan: 35,000 for employed, 25000 for students/ unemployed
  • For international: 600 CAD for employed, 400 CAD for students/ unemployed.
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